Clients of Romania Tourism Sales & Communication as Nominees at the Romanian Tourism Excellence Awards Ceremony

Evensys, the organizer of the Hotel Tourism Leisure Investment Conference in Bucharest announced on Wednesday, April 24th, 2014, the final nominees for the Excellence Awards in Romanian Tourism.

We, Romania Tourism Sales & Communication, are proud to have two clients on the final list:

You may see the complete list of nominees here:

On the other hand, we must note a huge dissapointment at the fact that P.R. agencies listed as partners of the event have been publicly boasting about their customers being included in the nominees lists. This leaves us with a question either about their professionalism in representing their clients at the silent, effectivel level of true P.R., or about the correctness of the whole awards procedure.

On the list of nominees one may see that there are members of the jury. This also draws a series of huge question marks about the entire event. Have we gone back to that era where everyone gave praise to everyone, just to add some diploma to their portfolio?

Even worse, on the list of nominees for an “Exceptional contribution to the industry“, besides half of the jury, one may see a character who undoubtedly had no valuable contribution to the tourism industry in Romania, the former minister of tourism, mrs. Maria Grapini.

Moreover, our message to the organizers is to look outside Bucharest as well when promoting the event. Tourism in Romania is not done for, in and from Bucharest, but by Romanians, in Romania, for tourists. That is what we all sell in tourism and hospitality in Romania.

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