It’s only a Hampton by Hilton, Iasi!

About a couple of weeks ago all the media in Iasi, the largest city and the economic center of north-east Romania, was getting “high” following this announcement  of Hilton Worldwide starting to operate a hotel in town. Still, it’s funny to me how nobody “greatly influent in the world of online” did not think about reading the official page of the chain. Maybe they don’t understand English?

I must admit that after seeing the overreactions of pure joy on Facebook of some self-called tourism P.R. specialists in town, I actually thought the news was worthwhile! Yes, Hilton was actually coming to town! Yes, finally we would have a four or five star hotel close to the newly opened International Hotel and that would boost competition, service quality and, of course, keep the rates around the real value of the market, not following the mood of just one player.

Well, as things clarify, it seemed that a snob way of reading (and publishing news) had been truly in action this time again. It was not a “Hilton” opening in Iasi, but a Hampton by Hilton!

For my fellow citizens who are not in the field of hospitality and who can only read the brand on the jeans, but not the label writing “Made in China”, please note that the difference between a “Hilton” hotel and a “Hampton, by Hilton” can be plainly described as “Dacia, by Renault”.

Rumours say that the former four-star Europa Hotel**** in Iasi, after “full renovation” of only about four or five months will only franchised and not managed by Hilton Worldwide, which leaves us asking ourselves whether the owners have actually committed themselves at raising the operational standards of their property – which wasn’t nearly as good as “average” among the local or national competitors.  Moreover, the hotel seems to have been planned for the three star category.

On the other hand, we will see a possible competition for the Ramada Iasi three-star hotel which is in the vicinity and which also is a strange case of “brand over classification matters in Iasi”.

In case I left some wonder why I am a little disappointed about their enthusiasm about the new Hampton by Hilton in Iasi, please read below and see if you can notice anything in the offer which you couldn’t find, as a standard, at a good rate and service, at the Unirea Hotel**** or even the three star economy hotels in town, like the Moldova***:

Here how the chain actually describes its brand:

Hampton by Hilton is a new kind of economy hotel with an upper mid-scale finish, offering quality facilities with a focus on service and a unique guest experience.

Hampton by Hilton is targeted for both the value conscious business traveller and the family leisure traveller seeking value. At Hampton we use a bundle value approach by offering quality amenities that guests truly want and need. Some of the Hampton by Hiltonamenities that are offered and are included in the price of the room are: an expanded complimentary breakfast with hot food items, high-speed Internet access, fitness facilitiesand a morning newspaper.

Sorry, but if I am to be excited in Iasi, give me a real reason, not a Hampton, by Hilton!

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