Review of the 4-star Kronwell Brasov

I’ve been trying for a long time to make a short site visit of the one of the most promising hotels in the Romanian MICE industry: the Kronwell Hotel, 4*, in Brasov. Well, I finally made it there today, for about 30 minutes. This is what I have to say, after a short site inspection, while I am using their photos for the illustration:

a. This is a concept hotel: they like to call it “lifestyle”.  Modern, with state-of-the-art technical amenities for its guests, including all sorts of USB / HDMI / and other miscellaneous video slots ready for the guest to use with its own. Great if you’re a techie! I’d like to see a lady looking at that hub though!

b. The rooms are spacious and the glass wall (yes, transparent) separating the bathroom area from the rest of the room only adds to that. Most important: for privacy reasons, the glass can be covered in a very, very elegant way. Nice touch.

c. Location, location, well…location. This is a great hotel for those working both in the new industrial area of Brasov, passing by from Bucharest to the rest of Transylvania or for those willing to be in a convenient place close to the city center. These are the first two “locations”, the…third one is the distance from any natural surroundings for which you would choose Brasov as your destination for team building events. That, unless you like to increase your costs even more with transfers, because:

d. This is not a cheap hotel. It was never meant to be. The quality of the finishing, the cleanliness (even if kind of busted over mrs. Ioana Dobrescu – Key Account Manager today) and the amenities, not to forget that it was recently opened and it was built from scratch, these all make it an above the average rate hotel (for the local market). I have not yet had any complaints from our clients who have been in this hotel, that means they’re pretty good, at least.

e. The “piece de resistance” of the place, which made me drivel, was the conference center. Yes, indeed this is the hotel to be in Brasov for congresses and conferences. I didn’t count the rooms, you may ask the sales dept. of the hotel about that, but what matters is that you get a maximum 800 pax in the largest of the rooms and then you can spread them in a plethora of mid-size and small meeting rooms, all very good looking, most of them with natural light, and all of them having a great finish.

f. The “extras”: a very modern SPA having also a pool large enough to relax any businessman after 2 hours of flight plus almost 3 hours of transfer from the Bucharest Otopeni Airport by a luxurious car of the hotel. Of course, you’ll have to pay for all these services, but the rates are really acceptable.

All in all, I like the Kronwell and I will give it a fair 9 on my scale as a very good hotel for business travel and MCE, without the “I”. I will give it a 10 when they move the coach station from behind the hotel to….anywhere else. Not a nice place to go wondering around at night. Let’s make it 9.3, as they have nice and smiling sales staff and because they are by far the best hotel in Brasov.

In case you’re wondering, no…I don’t get paid for these reviews. The most I get from them may be better rates for the events I manage and for the clients I represent.

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